Terms & Conditions..

At Mekko Market & Cafe Adelaide, our goal is to make sure your experience is as good as possible. Please read carefully our terms and conditions below:


  • Mekko started as a love for preloved clothing. It’s a new way of selling clothes and we get excess of 3000+ garments through our doors each week and it is very important to know that things can go missing. Shoppers often put clothes back to wrong racks after trying them on. Sometimes when stallholders come to collect their clothes, they might mistakenly pack away a garment that isn’t theirs. And sometimes there are thieves. The best way to try and stop this is to use security tags ($0.25 each). Putting all the above aside, we also we have hundreds of happy stall holders who keep coming back to us month after month! If you think renting a stall at Mekko isn’t for you there are alternative ways to sell your clothes. So, it’s important for you to know that even though we do our best that your clothes are safe with us, Mekko Market takes no responsibility if an item is lost/stolen or if there is a fire, water damage or other factors undependable on us.

  • Payment in full must be made at the time of booking the rack. Rack rentals cancelled less than 14 days prior the rental week commencing are non-refundable.

  • If a stall holder wants to withdraw clothes from sale or cancel the rack rental during the rental period, no refunds are issued for unused days.

  • We have a strict no return/exchange policy.

  • Mekko Market reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.


  • Make sure you wash your clothes before bringing the items for sale. No faulty items allowed.  We reserve the right to remove any items from sale that we believe to be dirty/faulty/unfit for sale.

  • Fill your price tags with your rack number written on top and highlighted e.g ‘rack 7’. You must also add a short description of the item for security reasons. Write a price you are selling the item for at the bottom of the tag. It is also advisable to write your initials at the back of the price tags for identification. Price tags and safety pins are given as a complimentary starter kit (1 x per booking). Make sure you pick them up well in advance before your rack rental commencing. You are more than welcome to use your own tags as well. Price tags are to be attached to the label of the garment located on the back neck. If you have shoes or handbags etc. attach the tags anywhere where they can be easily seen. $5-$40 is a guideline for setting prices but this depends on the brand and what you are selling. If unsure what prices to set, ask Marjukka or Irene for advice.

  • STRICTLY NOTHING ON FLOORS OR UNDER THE RACKS for fire safety reasons, please. If anything is found placed on the floor they will be removed and can be claimed from behind the till. If unsure what this means, please talk to a member of staff.

  • SINGLE RACKS hold up to 35 kilos only! It’s very important that you bring maximum 40-45 items for sale. If you have heavy coats the number of items allowed might be as low as 30. Remember that coat hangers add some weight too and it’s up to the stall holder to make sure the weight limit isn’t exceeded. Fines apply if weight is over the limit and the rack breaks. 5 pairs of shoes are allowed on the bottom rack.

  • FAMILY RACKS hold up to 100 items and about 20 pairs of shoes. If you don’t have many shoes to sell you are welcome to bring handbags/hats instead. Jewellery is also fine but placing them in a container is recommended.


  • Please come in every few days to refill your rack if you can. It is also up to the stall holder to look after the rack (tidying up etc.).

  • If you want to know how your sales are going, we prefer that you come in. Our staff members are busy processing sales and helping shoppers, so a visit is strongly encouraged.


  • Racks needs to be emptied on the last day of the rental agreement finishing.  In case the stall holder is unable to come and collect the items you must organize alternative ways for the unsold items to be picked up. There is an additional charge of $40 per day if the items are not picked on the day of your rack rental finishing. It is up to the stall holder to remember the starting and finishing dates. If the clothes are not collected within 7 days of rack rental finishing they will become a property of Mekko Market & Café and will be disposed at our discretion.

  • Hangers are strictly to be left at the racks when finishing your rack rental.

  • When packing away your clothes please do so carefully by checking each price tag to make sure they belong to you. Also check the box for ‘items with lost price tags’ and the fitting room rack so that nothing is left behind.

  • If you hired security tags request a member of the staff to take them off before going through the gates.

  • IMPORTANT-Make sure both yourself and a staff member count your tickets for total sales (tickets must be counted twice to eliminate any errors). When both parties agree to get the same total amount, a signature is needed from the stall holder to confirm that the tickets were counted twice.

  • We aim to pay the profits within 5-6 working days after your rack rental finishes to the stall holders nominated bank account. We take no responsibility if a stall holder has provided incorrect account details by mistake. STRICTLY NO CASH PAYMENTS.