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Mekko Market & Cafe

How to create price tags

Rent a rack


Please log in via the email link we sent you from or if you booked online, use the same log in details to access Zellr that was created when making the online booking.

Go to Product Pricing -> Start creating product sheets -> Each product sheets has 20 lines and each line represents 1 price tag. Add a short product description and a price (without the $ sign). Create as many product sheets as you like.

Next step must be done on a computer/laptop->When you’re happy with the product sheets, please set place number (rack number) and ‘mark them as done’. After this you can press ‘print’ and another page opens. Press ‘select printing method A4 stickers’ and a pdf file is created.

Please print the pdf file, cut tags along the lines and attach to the label of the garment with safety pins.

*We recommend you do the above process via your browser, as the phone app is great for following your sales, but you can only set place number and print via your computer/laptop. If you want to discount your whole rack, this can be done on the product sheet 'discount' section. At the bottom of each product sheet it says 'set all'. Please enter your discount percentage and save. Repeat on each product sheet. Please call the market or send a message on Instagram to ask staff to put a discount sign on your rack.

PRICING GUIDELINE: $15 for t-shirts, $15-$20 for blouses, $20-$35 for dresses, $40-$50 for jackets/coats depending on brands. If brand new items with tags -70% of the original price is recommended. This guideline is for brands like Seed, Witchery, Country Road and Zara etc.

*Refill as much as you sell*

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