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How to Create Price Tags

On this page you can find step by step instructions how to create price tags on our online app called Zellr. (please note, this is a third party site)

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1. Please log into your Zellr account. It the same account you created when you booked your rack online. Please use the same credentials.

If you booked a rack by telephone, please log in via the email link we sent to you from noreply@aws. 

2. On the Zellr website, go to 'Product Pricing', then choose

'Start Creating Product Sheets'.

Each product sheet has 20 lines, and each line represents one price tag.

Add a short product description with item brand name, colour and size for example 'Witchery black skirt size 12' and a price without the $ sign.

Create as many product sheets as you like.

3. Next step we recommend to be done on your laptop or pc. 

When you are happy with your price tags, set the place number (rack number that you have booked) on your product sheets.

Then press 'mark as done' and then press 'print' and another page opens up. Then press 'select printing method A4 stickers'. By selecting this, a pdf is created file is created.

Please print out the pdf file, cut tags along the lines and attached to the label of the garment with safety pins. 

We recommend that you create the price tags with your laptop/pc as as the phone app is great for following your sales, but you can only set place number and print via your computer/laptop.

4. Setting discounts

If you wish to discount your rack for the last few days of your rental, this can be done on the product sheet 'discount' section. At the bottom of each product sheet it says 'set all'. Please enter your discount percentage and save.  Repeat on each product sheet. Please note, it will be activated automatically.

Please call the market or send a message on Instagram to ask staff to place a discount sign on your rack so that shoppers will be aware of the discount on your rack.

5. How to price the products

To maximise a good turnover for your rack, we advice that products are reasonably priced, here are few example prices for brands like Seed, Witchery, Country Road, Zara etc.

$15 for t-shirts, $15-$20 for blouses, $20-$35 for dresses, $40-$50 for jackets/coats depending on brands. If brand new items with tags -70% of the original price is recommended.

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