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Frequently asked questions

How do I rent a rack?

Just call or see us in store! The rental period varies from 1 week to a maximum of 4 weeks at a time to keep the stock moving and interesting for the shoppers. The single racks are perfect if you are renting a rack by yourself and family racks are great for sharing! All racks you can keep refilling the more you sell! Single racks are allowed up to 40 garments plus 5 pairs of shoes. Family racks are allowed to have 100 garments plus another 10 items that can consist for example a mixture of shoes, hanbags and hats. Rail only allows 60 garments but no shoes.

Can I share a rack with a friend?

Yes you can! If you are sharing your rack with someone else, please note that you have to share same log in details to create prie tags.

What can I sell?

You can sell items of clothing and accessories. Just make sure that the clothes has been recently washed and in good order with no damages. You can also sell shoes, handbags, hats, scarfes etc. We welcome men's, women's and children's clothing. You can also bring in brand new items with tags. Please note underwear/swimwear is not allowed unless new with tags.

When do I pay for my rack?

All rack rentals must be paid at the time of booking your rack. Please note that cancellation policy is strictly 14 days prior to rental period commencing. Please honor this as we have limited spaces available and last minute cancellations are sometimes hard to rebook.

What set us apart from other markets and op shops?

You keep 100% of profits and you don't have to stay in the market to sell your items-we do it all for you! This day and age many of us are too busy to stay behind a stall for the whole day and with Mekko Market there is no need to! You are free to go and enjoy your day/week and come back at the last day when your the rental week finishes to collect your unsold garments if there are any! The items that come for sale at Mekko are better quality clothes that you wouldn't necessarily find frequently from other op shops. Prospect is very trendy up and coming area and the local community is very active. We get a lot of locals shopping in our market after a hearty brunch and many of our stall holders come as far as from Barossa and Aldinga beach! We are also the only 'rent a rack' sustainable fashion market with our very own licensed restaurant in Adelaide and whole of Australia! This attracts many shoppers to Mekko.

What if anything goes missing?

We have security cameras and do regular bag checks. We also offer 10 complimentary security tags at the start of your rack rental (when available!) and if you require more you can rent them for $0.25 each. Some of the items might accidentally travel from one stall to another and the staff will do their best to return everything back to their original stall. This doesn't mean these items won't be on sale. As long as they are in store, customers are able to buy them but we still recommend the use of security tags. When you finish your stall please make sure to check the 'fitting room rack' by the market till to see if any of your garments are hanging there Also please ask a staff member to check our storage room for lost property-rack. This rack is for items we haven't been able to find the original owner. Sometimes the price tags just fall off, sometimes a stall holder might forget to write their rack number on the ticket. Also items that have been travelling in from one stall to another might come up couple of weeks after the stall holder has departed. We will try and contact everyone to reunite with their left behind items but sometimes it's easier for the stall holder to call or pop in. Please note that Mekko Market holds these items for 14 days only which after we forward the lost property to Salvos and Vinnies.

Where should we park?

We have a small car park at the rear of the building. It has only few spots and we prefer only stall holders starting their racks or finishing their racks will use this car park and only for a maximum of 1 hr. If you are coming in to swap few things over, please try and park in one of the streets near by.

What time do I set up my stall and what time is the pick up

Your rack can be set up from 9.30am onward in the morning your rack rental starts from. Please come and pick up your rack between 3-3.30pm.

How do I do my price tags?

All your price tags are done online. When you book a rack, we will email you a link to an online app where you can create your price tags. You will need to create product sheets and each sheet that you create will have 20 lines where you will add a short description of the item and a price. When you have finished a product sheet, please create another one until you have covered all items you are wanting to sell. For example a single rack you would create a minimum of three product sheets. When you have created all product sheets, you can either print them at home on your laptop (for this you need to 'mark them as done' and please make sure to set up your place number-this means a rack number). Alternatively, you can pop in to Mekko between 10am-4pm and we can print them for you. If you are not comfortable using a computer, we can print you blank bar coded product sheets and you can write them by hand. Please make sure to take a picture of the product sheet in this case, as otherwise you won't be able to follow what item has been sold.

What if I want to discount my items?

You can either discount your whole rack with a certain percentage for example 30% off for all items on your last 2 days of rental. If you want to discount your whole rack, please call us as we need to change this on our system (cannot be done from your app) and we will place a sign on your rack. PLEASE NOTE DISCOUNT CODE CAN BE APPLIED ONLY ONCE PER BOOKING. If you only have few items you want to discount, we recommend you to print new price tags for the items you want to discount. Please note we don't accept any handwritten discounted price tags. If you wish, you can write for example 'was $50' with a texter next to the new price to make it more visible for shoppers that the item has been discounted.

I have some designer shoes and bags. Can I bring them for sale?

You are welcome to bring designer shoes, bags, belts etc but only if you have had them authenticated. Replica's are not allowed in our store.